Electrolysis for Transgender Women

Permanent Hair Removal Options for Transgender Women

Having assisted many transgender women in my electrolysis practice, I have come to understand what an important issue hair removal is for the transgender community.

Hair production that is the result of Androgen – especially facial hair – is an almost universal issue for transgender women. Permanently getting rid of beard hair, sideburns, chest hair and arm hair is often an essential step in becoming who you are and living life as your authentic self.

Constantly plucking, tweezing, shaving and/or using depilatories is a huge time-consuming hassle – and these methods will never get rid of the hair follicle! This means ongoing worry about your stubble, moustache and “five o’clock shadow” – something NO woman should have to deal with.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal for Transgender Women

Unfortunately, many transgender woman make the mistake of turning to laser hair removal – not realizing that laser hair removal is NOT permanent, because it does NOT destroy the hair follicle. Additionally, laser treatments do not work on blonde, red and other light colored hair – as well as some coarser hair types.

Electrolysis: recognized by the FDA as the only method of permanent hair removal.

ONLY electrolysis is recognized by the FDA as the only method of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis permanently removes hair from any party of the body (and we mean ANY!) – and any type of skin or hair.

If you are serious about safely, effectively and permanently removing unwanted facial and body hair, electrolysis is your only true option – and the best investment you can make in yourself. And, in the long run, electrolysis pays for itself in both time and money no longer wasted on shaving, laser treatments, depilatories and cover-up makeup or concealer.

With electrolysis you can wake up every day for the rest of your life with the silky smooth skin you’ve always wanted!

Choosing a Transgender Electrolysis Salon in Los Angeles

Many “spas” and “beauty salons” offer electrolysis as a “side-line”. Beware of these! These “salons” may not have the latest electrolysis equipment – or they may not be State of California Board Certified Electrologists.

Additionally, they probably do not regularly service the transgender community – and may not be familiar with the unique needs and concerns of transgender women. And, in a beauty salon or spa your treatment is likely to be performed in a less-than-private area.

At Lisa’s Electrology Studio electrolysis is all we do! I am licensed as a State of California Board Certified Electrologist – and I we have assisted many transgender clients achieve their ultimate appearance dreams with permanent hair removal by electrolysis! I use only the latest state-of-the-art electrolysis equipment (Apilus xCell) – ensuring that my client’s treatments are the most comfortable & effective possible.

We Love Helping Transgender Women with Hair Removal

I am passionate about what I do – and I am thrilled when a client emerges from my electrolysis treatments with greater self-esteem and confidence because they finally are rid of unwanted hair. If you are a transgender individual, I would be happy to help you with your hair removal needs, so you can have the silky smooth skin you’ve dreamed of.

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